About Catalonia Hotels

More than 25 destinations around the world.
75 hotels and resorts
More than 11,500 rooms
More than 8,000 employees

About us

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is a chain of family hotels founded by the Vallet brothers. After its beginnings in the real estate sector, the business opened its first establishment in 1983, to become one of the largest hotel chains in Spain.

The company currently has 75 establishments in more than 25 different destinations: 59 hotels in Spain, one in Brussels, one in Berlin, one in Amsterdam, one in Porto, 10 resorts in the Caribbean area (4 in the Dominican Republic, 5 in Mexico and 1 in Jamaica) and one city hotel in Santo Domingo.

We are currently the leading hotel chain in Barcelona with more than 3,000 rooms on offer.

Mission and vision


To create unforgettable experiences by giving our guests excellent value for money for our accommodation and catering services.


To build up a reputation as a reliable, leading hotel chain at home and abroad through the customer loyalty of our guests.

What makes us different

Value for money

Offering excellent value for money. This is one of the most highly prized factors by our customers.


Our staff is one of the core drivers behind the success of the chain.


We endeavour to provided quality services by anticipating our guests’ requirements and adapting to the latest travel trends.


We are constantly renovating our facilities right down to the very last detail so that our hotels maintain their charm and sense of history.

Our hotels in Europe

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts opened its first establishment in 1983. We now have 60 establishments in Europe. Our first hotels in Europe outside of Spain opened in 2001. We now have hotels in Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and Porto.


Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is one of the leading hotel chains in Barcelona city with 26 1864, a 19th century building that formed part of the first set of houses built when Barcelona started its expansion to what is it today and is now a listed building; the Catalonia Plaza Catalunya, a Modernist building from the end of the 19th century; and the Catalonia Portal de l’Àngel, a small palace built in the Neoclassic style in 1872 and that is officially listed as part of Barcelona's artistic heritage.


Present in Spain’s capital since 1995, we now have 7 establishments near the city centre that have enabled up to gain a foothold as the leading hotel chain in this destination. Just as has happened in Barcelona, we have chosen to conserve historical buildings located in the city centre, as is the case of the Catalonia Las Cortes, which is in a small palace in which the original frescos can be seen; the Catalonia Goya, a 19th century building located in the central neighbourhood of Salamanca; the Catalonia Gran Vía Madrid, a modernist building from the turn of the last century; and the Catalonia Puerta del Sol, an 18th century building listed as part of Madrid’s heritage sites. Our latest addition is the Catalonia El Retiro, which is located in the well-known Retiro district, very well connected to the centre of Madrid. Our latest addition is the Catalonia El Retiro, which is located in the well-known district of the same name, very well connected to the center of Madrid.

Rest of Spain

More than 15 destinations that share the same philosophy: offering premium locations in Spain’s main cities where people can enjoy city breaks or holidays. Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, Murcia, Salamanca,Granada, San Sebastián, Bilbao and the beautiful town of Ronda are some of our Spanish main destinations, without forgetting the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, where we have 8 holiday hotels.


We currently have hotels in Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and Porto, four top-ranked European capitals. In Berlin we have a unique hotel of an industrial character that has become a permanent exhibition space of paintings thanks to over 180 m2 of graffiti that covers the public areas. In Amsterdam we have a hotel close to downtown Vondelpark. In Porto we have 4-star boutique-inspired hotel that is located in the center of the city.

Our hotels in the Caribbean

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has hotels in the Caribbean able to accommodate more than 6,000 guests. The 10 holiday resorts spread across Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are designed so that you have incredible travel experiences, with every luxury and comfort in Caribbean surroundings. We also have e a city hotel on Santo Domingo’s waterfront.

Dominican Republic

In 1998, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts began its Caribbean adventure when it opened its first holiday resort. It now has four holiday establishments, two of which are in Playa Bávaro and the other two in Bayahíbe. With 711 rooms, the Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort is the chain’s biggest resort in the Caribbean. Finally, there is the Catalonia Santo Domingo, a five-star city hotel with more than 1,100 m2 of rooms for events intended for business tourism. We highlight the Catalonia Royal La Romana - Adults Only and Catalonia Royal Bávaro - Adults Only, two exclusive adults only resorts.


Between 2004 and 2006, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts opened four holiday establishments in Mexico, which increased its holiday offering in the Caribbean by 1,300 rooms. They are all in the Riviera Maya, a paradise on earth greatly appreciated by tourists. The Catalonia Royal Tulum - Adults Only was opened as the chain’s first adults-only resort. And, the latest addition is the Catalonia Grand Costa Mujeres All Suites & Spa, a five-star resort, with more than 400 rooms, on the well-known Costa Mujeres beach, north of Cancun.

Communications material

Access to our Dossier and download the updated corporate information of our resorts in the Caribbean. Do not hesitate to contact us (sobre_nosotros@cataloniahotels.com) in case you need more information about any of our establishments.


Thanks to our daily efforts and our great team, we have received various awards and certifications that acknowledges our work and makes it worthwhile.

Other business divisions

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts offers unique experiences in the hospitality sector. That is why we are an innovative, forward-looking chain, as we endeavour to satisfy the expectations of all our customers. To rise to these challenges, we have the following portfolio of brands.

Hotel and restaurant business


We work with different restaurant concepts all over the world. We have developed our own F&B brand called Eboca Restaurants, which has a total of 19 restaurants.

Pearl Beach Club

This is a luxury beach club right on the seafront with more than 1,700 m2 of leisure areas and beaches located in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

Other businesses


This is a purchasing management company with more than 700 establishments on its portfolio. It assists in the choice of suppliers and price negotiation for everything that a hotel establishment may need. Moreover, it conducts cost consultancy to obtain the best results for its clients.

Compraventabarcelona by Fincas Gonseni

Located in Barcelona, it is a company founded in 1976 by experts in real estate management and the purchase and sale of buildings.