Our social responsibility

Our social responsibility

At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we have a clear commitment to the local communities in each of our destinations and to environmental protection. We strive to exceed the expectations of our employees, customers and shareholders. We therefore devise social responsibility programmes that are increasingly a core part of our strategy for the good management and sustainability of our hotels.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver efficient and adequate responses to the demands of today’s complex world, whilst ensuring that the experiences of our guests are not only unforgettable, but also fulfilling and beneficial to their lives and society in general.


Towards our employees


We are constantly running courses designed to improve the work skills and personal development of our teams.

Social policies

Support to employees and their families, employee recognition and charity work.

Youth employment

We offer young talent dual training, scholarships and career plans.

Social vulnerability

Recruitment and training of people in a vulnerable position. Recruitment of disabled people.

Towards our guests

We endeavour not only to makes our guests’ experiences unforgettable, but that are also fulfilling and beneficial to their lives. Our commitment to our customers is based on:

  • Quality and excellence of service by conducting satisfaction surveys, handling their complaints and responding to their suggestions.

  • Universal accessibility for disabled people.

  • Responsible engagement in the tourist experience: we encourage our guests to get involved in some of the projects that we run, both related to the environment (Earth Hour, cleaning beaches, etc.) and to social issues (a school in Haiti, the Restaurants against Hunger campaign, etc.).

Towards our suppliers

Green and inclusive procurement.

Local green purchasing: all our purchases are recyclable and/or environmentally friendly products. We are moving towards zero-mile products in order to support local markets and to avoid unnecessary transport emissions.

Sustainable coffee: our bulk coffee supplier only handles UTZ Certified coffee, the range of totally sustainable Good Origin coffee that guarantees fair working and trading conditions so that producers have a decent quality of life, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Inclusive businesses: we outsource services from special employment agencies, as is the case of Ilunion (formerly the ONCE Foundation), which is responsible for our laundry service.

Clean Hands code: our code ensures that all our transactions our conducted ethically and transparently.

Towards the environment

We care about protecting and improving the environment around our hotels and destinations:

Waste management

We collect and selectively separate rubbish so that it can be recycled and, we reduce waste wherever possible (electronic billing, disposable melamine).

MARTI certification (Caribbean)

We are committed to conserving the rich biodiversity of the Mesoamerican barrier reef.

Sustainable building

Our refurbished and new-build hotels adhere to sustainable building criteria, and to efficient energy and water use.


We have an energy efficiency plan in place with measures on the use of air conditioning and heating, energy-saving lighting and sensors, cold storage and kitchen equipment.


Responsible use of water plan.

ECO-CAT environmental policy (in the Caribbean)

Our best practice guide instructs our employees and guests, as well as involving them in taking care of and protecting beaches.

Towards our society and culture

Defence of human rights: We have signed up to The Code, an association to protect children from sexual exploitation.

Support to education and the most vulnerable communities: sponsorship of schools, donations for school supplies and meals, soup kitchens, etc.

Campaigns with NGOs: Make a Wish, Restaurants against Hunger, food banks, etc.

Agreements with a number of foundations and organisations for securing accommodation under special conditions: Manos Unidas, Oxfam, Intervida.

Protection and promotion of our cultural heritage through sponsorship agreements with Barcelona’s Liceo and Palau de la Música Catalana.

  • Experiential travel

    Investment in the experiential travel project, Turismo Vivencial, through the Ship2B Foundation to breathe new life into places through sustainable, responsible tourism by creating transformative experiences accompanied by a local host.

  • Project in Haiti

    Proyecto Haití in partnership with the Order of Escolapios in the Dominican Republic: following the earthquake in 2010, we contributed to the running of La Montaigne primary school in Jacmel.

  • Alpan project

    ALPAN project with the Rotary Club: Since 2012, we have been donating 50 meals a week to soup kitchens managed by a number of organisations in Barcelona. We also work with the charities Acción contra el Hambre, Banco de Alimentos, Garmin Barcelona Triatló and the Make a Wish Foundation.

  • The Code

    In Mexico and the Dominican Republic we have signed up to The Code and ECPAT (Eradicating Child Prostitution Abuse and Trafficking) to implement measures against the sexual exploitation of children by tourists.

  • Cultural heritage

    Protection and promotion of our cultural heritage: sponsorship of Barcelona’s Liceo and Palau de la Música Catalana.

  • Community art

    Support to communities in the Dominican Republic by setting up street markets that sell local arts and crafts to our guests.

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