Work for us

Work for us

Working at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts means being part of a hotel chain that has not stopped growing since its inception and continues to expand. We want to expand our team with motivated professionals, eager to take on new challenges and enthusiastic about their work: who know how to transmit that spirit to the clients who visit our hotels. At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we consider that the human team is one of the fundamental keys to success.

We would urge you to join our team!

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Values of our employees

1. Teamwork

We get involved in tasks and projects by listening and giving opinions to reach common targets.

2. Commitment

We take the values and targets of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts on board.

3. Respect

We are polite and respectful of our guests and workmates.

4. Responsibility

We engage with our daily work in the hotels to deliver the best possible service.

5. Positive attitude

We think and act positively, optimistically and supportively.

6. Empathy

We listen to our workmates by trying to put ourselves in their place when we deal with them in person.

7. Quality

We make an effort and use our five senses in our jobs so that we get excellent results.

8. Motivation

We are aware of our importance in running the organisation and we work in this direction to add value to it.

9. Humility

We bear in mind that we are all equal and acknowledge our errors to improve.

10. Friendliness

We are friendly and pleasant with guests at all times, and give them our biggest smile.

Programmes for young graduates

  • Internships
  • Dual training
  • Recruitment programmes for recent graduates
  • CITIUS programmes

Junior hotel managers

Our company seeks young people who wish to join a hotel chain with the ambition and drive to occupy positions of responsibility in hotel management. Initially, we are looking for people with at least two years of experience in middle management posts who have organisational and leadership skills, and who are hard working. All future managers should successfully pass this programme, be willing to put up with the disadvantages of the job, have good interpersonal skills and a cultural background suited to the job.

Recent graduates

Our company seeks young people who wish to join our hotel chain with the ambition and drive to occupy positions of responsibility in hotel management who will take the company forward. This objective requires that the graduates selected know how the company works at all managerial levels and its philosophy. They must therefore complete an internal training programme that enables them to demonstrate their aptitudes and acquire the skills needed to build on them in their future career with the company. Graduates must successfully pass the training programme, which will be assessed every term by the tutors assigned to them, who in turn will report to the board and senior management so that candidates are subject to more exhaustive controls.

Junior kitchen and A&B managers in the Caribbean

The company is looking for a line-up of young chefs who are willing to learn more, and who are able to manage different types of kitchens and outlets. After two years of training in hotels located in the Caribbean, successful candidates are guaranteed a job at the hotel chain as at least chef de partie or head chef.

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