At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we have a clear commitment to society and to people.

This purpose is what pushes us to develop our program of Social Responsibility, with actions that respond to the demands of the current world and that favor that the experiences of our clients are, besides unforgettable, enriching for their lives and for the whole society.

The latest health events forced us to act exceptionally, but with the same commitment.



The impact of the Covid-19 on our lives forced us to close the doors of all hotels. Our commitment to society and to the people led us to make all our establishments available for health emergencies. Because in the end, taking care of those close to us is the essence of our work.

For more than two months, four of our hotels opened their doors to act as hospital extensions, accommodating more than 1,000 minor patients of Covid-19 who recovered in our establishments.

And two of our hotels offered more than 3,700 stays to healthcare personnel who were unable to return home during these days.



COMMITTED CUSTOMERS. Thanks to an action aimed at our clients, we received for several weeks, drawings, videos and messages of support addressed to both patients and healthcare professionals. All the screens of our "health hotels" and the televisions of the rooms, projected these messages of encouragement and support 24 hours a day.

COMMITTED CATALONIAN TEAM. The traditional and long-awaited stands of roses and books on the Day of Sant Jordi were moved to the hotels thanks to a solidarity action promoted internally among employees and collaborators. In less than a week, we collected 1,700 books with messages of support and dedications and, together with the traditional roses, they were distributed among patients and healthcare personnel.



And now that we have opened the doors of our hotels again, we have come back better and more committed than ever. We are committed to taking care of each other, to ensuring safety and hygiene in our hotels to protect our team and all those who choose us for their trips, to continue to excite our customers and to offer a safe workplace to our employees.



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Our thanks to the photographers Paco Avia, Miquel Coll and Sonia Peña for illustrating with images the commitment of these days.