In response to the humanitarian crisis being experienced by the Ukrainian people, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, true to our vocation of service and our commitment to society, is collaborating with various organizations that are working with Ukrainian refugees.

We have placed all our hotels at their disposal and, in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Administration and other organizations, we are hosting Ukrainian families displaced by the conflict in several hotels in Barcelona, Murcia, Berlin and Brussels, so far. We remain at the disposal of the entities to expand the support network, being the main hotel chain in the hosting program.

We are very proud of our entire team, who are committed and dedicated to the care of refugees and who are making a great effort to make our establishments their temporary home. We have set up rooms that have been filled with toys, clothes and materials, donated or purchased by our staff, friends and family, and we have launched initiatives to carry out family activities that can support them in these days of welcome.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes. Urgent action is needed to reduce the humanitarian impact of this crisis. We invite you to collaborate with the Red Cross by supporting the work they are doing in assisting people of Ukrainian origin in vulnerable situations in Spain.

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