Ethical Channel

Ethics and Good Government

The Ethical Channel is the tool that Catalonia Hotels & Resorts makes available to both its employees and members of its stakeholders, to easily and quickly report their concerns about misconduct, whether real or suspected. as well as, to send queries about how to interpret the Code of Ethics and other related internal regulations. The Ethical Channel is configured as an essential element for the proper development of the activities of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.

All communications sent through the Ethics Channel will be managed by the Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Department, guaranteeing their objectivity and independence at all times. All communications will be treated absolutely confidentially, and the sending of anonymous communications is also permitted.

It should be taken into account that the Ethical Channel is not a customer service channel to process complaints. It is a channel created to communicate those behaviors that may involve a breach of the Code of Ethics, and by extension of the current legal system, or to send queries about how the principles and values contained in the Code of Ethics should be applied.

In this sense, the following communication channels have been enabled:

Email address:

Postal address: Calle Córcega 323, 08037 Barcelona - for the attention of the Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Department.

You can consult the Ethical Channel Policy HERE.

You can consult HERE the Declaration of the Code of Ethics.