Discover hotels with EV Charging Stations

Stop driving around to find a charging point for electric cars, in the hotels with parking of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts you can park with total comfort in the same building where the hotel is located. [...] Ver más +

Hotels with EV Charging Stations

Stop searching and comparing places to park your electric car, in the hotels with electric car chargers of our chain Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we offer you a service where you can leave your car 24 hours a day, or if you prefer just a few hours, carefree.
We recommend you to park at the hotel since it is located in the same building and we know that in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, finding an ev charging station is more difficult than it seems, besides, we don't want you to waste time walking to the hotel.

If you prefer electric vehicles, by now, we have designed some of our hotels with private parking where you will find your electric vehicle charging station, at no extra cost if you stay at the hotel, so you can continue with your route. You will be able to park easily in some of our most central destinations.

Our hotels with ev chargers are: Catalonia Eixample 1864, Catalonia Passeig de Gràcia, Catalonia Mikado, Catalonia Diagonal Centro, Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao, Catalonia Reina Victoria, Catalonia Gran Hotel Verdi, Catalonia Sabadell, Catalonia Donosti and Catalonia Giralda. In cities such as Barcelona, Bilbao, Ronda, Sabadell, San Sebastian and Seville.

Catalonia Hotels & Resorts is committed to technological innovation with the installation of car charging stations in some of our hotels. Thus promoting a much less polluting transport and a responsible and safe parking space.

Some of the benefits of having electric car chargers in our hotels is the possibility of being able to charge in 3 different modes. We offer the option of Shucko charging in mode 1, slow charging in mode 2 and semi-fast charging in mode 3.

You will be able to enjoy the destination you are in without having to waste time looking for a charging point and park the car for charging, since you can do it in the hotel itself. Besides, you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicle.

So, choose your favorite Catalonia Hotels & Resorts hotel for your next trip and let your stay be excellent.


Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Barcelona

20% 20%
Balmes, 142-146 | 1.5 Km / Centre
Con encanto Parking propio Piscinas
8.4 / 10 - VERY GOOD
20% 20%
Roger de Llúria, 60 | 0.9 Km / Centre
Con encanto Edificio histórico Piscina
8.4 / 10 - VERY GOOD
20% 20%
Pg. de la Bonanova, 58. | 4.9 Km / Centre
Con encanto Gimnasio Piscina
8.2 / 10 - VERY GOOD
20% 20%
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 644 | 0.4 Km / Centre
Céntrico Elegante Piscina

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Bilbao

20% 20%
Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro, 73 | 0 Km / Centre
Céntrico Con encanto Piscina y Spa
9.1 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Ronda

20% 20%
Jerez, 25 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Piscina y Spa Restaurante Con encanto
9.2 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Sabadell

20% 20%
Av. Francesc Macià, 62 | 1 Km / Centre
Calidad/Precio Gimnasio Zona comercial
8.5 / 10 - EXCELLENT
20% 20%
Plaza Catalunya, 10-12 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Parking Calidad/Precio Gimnasio
8.4 / 10 - VERY GOOD

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in San Sebastián

20% 20%
Alto San Bartolome, 9 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Con encanto Terraza Piscina y Spa
8.9 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Sevilla

20% 20%
Sierra Nevada, 3 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Centro Histórico Con encanto Piscina

Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Brussels

20% 20%
Av. De Haut-Pont,2, Hoge Bruglaan | 3 Km / Centre
Car park Quality/Price Restaurant