Discover the hotels with a jacuzzi in the room

Hotels with a jacuzzi in the room give your stay the distinctive touch you deserve on your holidays. Going back to your room after a day of seeing the city sights knowing you have a private pool to relax in and have stimulating experiences will fill you with new sensations. [...] Ver más +

Hotels with a jacuzzi in the room

A jacuzzi or private pool is usually set on the terrace and lets you enjoy views across the city or the sea, depending on the hotel with a private jacuzzi you booked.
Rooms with a private jacuzzi are usually high-end superior rooms and suites. The rooms are located on the upper floors of the hotel, e.g., the superior terrace room with a jacuzzi or the junior suite room with a jacuzzi on the terrace of the Catalonia Gran Vía hotel in Madrid which offer views across the city.
And if in addition to enjoying the jacuzzi or private pool on the terrace, you do so with views to the sea like at the junior suite room with a pool at Catalonia Majórica on Mallorca, your stay will be perfect. 

Another option to consider are the swim-up pools like the ones you’ll find at Catalonia Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. A private hotel pool area right at the foot of your bed. 

Revel in the experience of waking up and having a jacuzzi in the room for you alone in our rooms with a private jacuzzi. 

If you're after a romantic and exclusive private break, booking a room with a private jacuzzi is a very good choice to surprise your partner with. 

Have a wonderful holiday visiting the destination of your choice and sharing it with the person you love. It will make you feel special. Give a gift from the heart and surprise your partner with this room!



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Gran Vía, 7-9 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Downtown Pool
8.7 / 10 - EXCELLENT hotel-offer-loading-price


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Punta Cana | 20 Km / Centre
Pool Golf course Spa
9 / 10 - EXCELLENT hotel-offer-loading-price