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Hotels for a relaxing break

There is one thing you should know: disconnecting from your daily routine is something we all consider at various times throughout the year. If you were to take a short break for a few days, nothing would happen - we promise. If you have kids...don't worry, they’ll be in safe hands.

A getaway as a gift to relax with your partner is a good plan for short holiday periods or long weekends when you don’t have to work. Did I say work? That word’s off-limits in our hotels because you won't have to lift a finger - we’ll look after you like you deserve, and your partner as well.

If you're looking for a hotel to relax in this is the right website. You only have to choose whether you prefer the beach or the city, peace and calm or a bit of action. Wind down on the beach or discover a city's culture - they each have their charm.

By planning your time at a hotel for a relaxing break in a destination that appeals to you, everything will work out perfectly. The destinations we offer will see to that. Beach or city?

You have various options, from spa and wellness hotels with massages and beauty treatments to hotels with a jacuzzi or pool in your room, where you can lie back and forget about everything - except your partner, obviously.

At beaches, destinations in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza) top the list in Spain, and then there’s Ronda (Malaga province), Seville and Barcelona.

If you're more the city type, Madrid or Berlin could be the place for your next weekend getaway. 

We know that couples need time to enjoy themselves alone, that's why we want you to relax at our hotels.

Are you going to sign up for a getaway and choose from among our hotels for a relaxing break?


Hotels for a relaxing break Barcelona

20% 20%
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 644 | 0.4 Km / Centre
Downtown Elegant Pool
9.1 / 10 - EXCELLENT hotel-offer-loading-price

Hotels for a relaxing break Madrid

20% 20%
Gran Vía, 7-9 | 0.5 Km / Centre
Downtown Pool
8.7 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels for a relaxing break Bruselas

20% 20%
Av. De Haut-Pont,2, Hoge Bruglaan | 3 Km / Centre
Car park Quality/Price Restaurant
8.1 / 10 - VERY GOOD

Hotels for a relaxing break Sevilla

20% 20%
Av. Andalucía, 52 | 4 Km / Centre
Car park Quality/Price Pool
8.1 / 10 - VERY GOOD

Hotels for a relaxing break Ronda

20% 20%
Jerez, 25 | 0.5 Km / Centre
With charm Restaurant Pool and spa
9.2 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels for a relaxing break Granada

20% 20%
Av. de Madrid, 10 | 5 Km / Centre
With charm Terrace Pool and spa
9 / 10 - EXCELLENT

Hotels for a relaxing break Bayahíbe

20% 20%
Carretera Bayahíbe | 0 Km / Centre
Beachfront With charm Pool and spa
9.3 / 10 - EXCELLENT