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The 73 city and holiday hotels around the world places all-important values on Catalonia Hotels & Resorts such as professionalism, reliability and trust. The excellent value for money that our hotels offer means that millions of guests choose us over and over again as their preferred choice, both to enjoy their holidays and business trips. Likewise, independent businesses have chosen to work alongside Catalonia Hotels & Resorts’ great team.

Its main growth strategy is to expand in Spain and in Europe’s main city destinations for tourists. To do so, it works on hotel development, building and refurbishment projects, with a special emphasis on buildings of historic interest in city centres. 

With regard to the American continent, our priority is to work on projects in areas in which we already operate, namely, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, as well as city and tourist destinations in Latin America.

From the outset, the group’s growth strategy has been marked by the purchase of hotel properties for development and refurbishment. Currently, 85% of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio is made up of establishments that it owns, although we also consider taking on the lease and management of hotels in order to grow.  

73 hotels and resorts
Catalonia Porto
Discover the portuguese city!
Catalonia Costa Mujeres
A tropical paradise in one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico
Catalonia Donosti
in San Sebastian
Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao
in Bilbao
New launch
in Budapest
New launch
in Malaga

Why choose Catalonia Hotels & Resorts?

The Catalonia Hotels & Resorts chain is committed to excellence. We aim to give our guests full satisfaction by always offering them the best value for money. We are acutely aware that quality and staff training are the core of our business. We live in a world where technology and high demands have made the smallest details such as the capacity to respond, approachability and anticipating our guests’ needs make all the difference. We are able to achieve all of this thorough:

Our experience

More than 35 years of growth makes us stand out in the market. This is thanks to our attention to detail in the services we provide. We know what our guests want and we anticipate their needs.

We are forward-looking

We seek long-term returns. Moreover, our partners will benefit from our sound commercial focus and excelling positioning in the sector.

Financial growth

We are not only constantly increasing our turnover, but also maximise our revenues. Our excellent cost management has multiplied our EBITDA and delivered some of our best operating ratios.

Sound policies

We look for sustainable projects in the long-term for all stakeholders in our business.


We have direct relations with our employees and investors. We are approachable and accessible thanks to our specialised work team and the group’s background as a family business.

Tailored solutions

Investors and developers are free to consult our Financial Analysis and Studies Department. We submit quotes to them together with an exhaustive study in order to improve the different management divisions of their establishments.

Excellent value for money

Both for the independent businesses that have chosen to join the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts team and for our guests.

Our total commitment to projects

We conduct market surveys and draw up feasibility studies focused on the future. We do not seek short-term returns, but rather stick to our vision of continuity, which implies taking meticulous care in the preventive maintenance of our assets.

We design our plans with our customers in mind. They are our biggest asset and we seek to constantly exceed their expectations. 

  • We work on every last detail to achieve excellent quality standards and conduct internal and external controls to deliver the best quality of service to our guests. 

  • We invest in refurbishments and in keeping our properties in perfect condition.

  • We are committed to reducing costs and energy efficiency as part of our corporate social responsibility.

  • Technical assistance: in addition to managing hotels, we have built, remodelled designed and equipped dozens of them. We have our own Works and Image departments that devise ways for an establishment to operate so that it yields more and performs better, and delivers the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

  • Our we have had experience in city hotels, holiday hotels and big resorts. Their common denominator is an excellent location, which is a factor in the holiday sector that translates as establishments right next to the sea. 

  • Maximising revenues through excellence of service and quality, exceeding our guests’ expectations, our excellent cost management by making the most of economies of scale,  and our procurement consultants Quantum specialised in the hotel sector and the largest in Spain with more than 1,200 hotels on its books, all of which gives us a competitive edge.

  • As a result of the above, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has one of the best track records in hotel management and productivity in the sector.

Our sales force handles our e-commerce, marketing, communications and bookings both at home and abroad. It is a strong, united team with specific skills divided into a number of departments.
We cover the following segments in the mid and high sectors with four- and five-star hotels.

Business trips 

  • Meetings and events: thanks to a sales team specialised in the MICE sector that provides guests with a high degree of expertise about the opportunities and requirements of any given event. 

  • Businesses: we have a team that fully understands our guests and their requirements.

Leisure and holiday trips

  • Agencies: we have agreements with the main agencies in the various markets in which we operate.

  • General public

With operations in the following distribution channels,  at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we are able to combine direct sales, online platforms and offline sales. Through agreements with our online tour operators and travel agencies, we are able to keep commercial costs down. 

  • Tour operators: agreements with leading tour operators in many countries. 

  • Travel agencies: strategic agreements with leading travel agencies that enable us to manage our operations in this channel according to our requirements. 

  • Corporate e-Commerce:  Our e-Commerce Department has the most advanced tools for maintaining and increasing our online presence with which it is able to take quick, coherent decisions in order to attract and turn internauts onto potential satisfied customers. 

  • Online reputation and social media management: we boost our presence on the most popular social media through specific actions to gauge, satisfy and broaden our online community.

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