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I have a reservation and I need to cancel or modify it

Please contact the hotel using the search engine that you will find at the top of this page or, if you prefer, contact our reservation center (phone: +34 93 236 00 59).

I need an invoice

Please contact the hotel using the search engine at the top of this page to provide your tax information, including CIF / NIF, so that we can prepare the corresponding invoice.

I lost my reservation confirmation

If you are a Catalonia Rewards member, access your private area, where you will find a copy of your reservation confirmation. Otherwise, contact the hotel using the search engine that you will find at the top of this page or, if you prefer, contact our reservation center (phone: +34 93 236 00 59).

What if after making the reservation I find a better rate?

Don't worry, at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we are committed to matching it. As long as this rate that you have found meets the conditions that we remind you below:

1. Rate bookable online in real time and available when we check it; To do this, we ask that you contact sends e-mail) within 24 hours after making the reservation.

2. Rate with the same conditions that you have reserved on hotel, type of room, occupancy, arrival and departure dates, regime and cancellation conditions.

3. It cannot be a rate for members, regular customers, points program or special promotion.

4. There cannot be a rate that does not show the type of accommodation until the reservation is confirmed.

5. It cannot be a package rate, such as flight+hotel or with other complementary services.

How do I make a reservation?

The quick and easy way to manage and confirm your reservations is through Hello Booking for the Caribbean  also through through Booking.Cataloniahotels exclusively for Europe.

If you are a member of Catalonia Rewards, what benefits will be available to you when you book your flight + hotel package?

If you are a Catalonia Rewards member, flight + hotel reservations do not count towards accumulating Travel Cash, nor will you be able to redeem it during your reservation.

I want to contact for more information about flight plus hotel

For reservations made through Hello:

For more information you can contact us via email or phone:
Relacionado con tu reserva:
Dominican Rep. 1-800-203-9647
Chile: 1-230-020-0167
Canada: 1-844-748-3620
USA: 1-844-763-5783
Mexico: 800-062-3163
Colombia: 0180-0518-4588
Peru: 0800-78812
From another part of the world: +507 302 3424

For reservations made through Booking Catalonia (Europe): 

For more information you can contact us via email or phone:

Spain: +34 91 144 79 24
United Kingdom: +44 20 3728 2935
Germany: +49 8001812695
USA: +1 305 908 6736
Colombia: (+57) 605 6439078
From another part of the world: +34 91 144 79 24


What is Catalonia Rewards?

Catalonia Rewards is the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts loyalty programme. As a programme member, you can choose from a variety of hotels and destinations and enjoy perks for members only.

What are the benefits of being a Catalonia Rewards member?

- Earn travel cash with each booking.

- Get exclusive free perks during your stay, such as breakfast, late check-out, room upgrades and more.

- Enjoy a discount of at least 7% on your bookings.

- Cancel with up to 24 hours’ notice before check-in, so long as you choose the refundable rate.

- Receive preferential treatment for being part of the Catalonia Rewards team.

Briefly, how does Catalonia Rewards work?

Each time you stay at a hotel booked through Catalonia Hotels & Resorts you earn a percentage in travel cash that you can spend on future bookings. Plus you get exclusive perks during your stay.

There are 4 membership levels with better perks and more Travel Cash as you rise through them.

How can I contact Catalonia Rewards?

We recommend you reach out to us through our online form. Our Customer Service team will reply within 48 hours. Once logged in, with your username and password, complete the web form, choose the desired option and, remember, if you have an already confirmed reservation, add the number reservation and the destination hotel, choosing it in the hotel selector. This will help us specify your request or query and be able to process it more accurately and quickly.

What are the different membership levels?

There are 4 membership levels - Great, Circle, Star and Top. As you rise up through the levels from Great to Top you earn a higher percentage on each booking in cash for trips and better perks in Catalonia Hotels & Resorts. Check out this table for details on what each level offers.

What are room nights?

The formula is rooms x nights = nights at hotel. Only the main guest in each room accumulates nights. It is very clear and easy to explain with examples:

1 person in 1 room for 3 nights = 3 nights at hotel = 3 room nights

2 people in 1 room for 3 nights = 3 nights = 3 room nights at hotel (accumulated by the main guest)

2 people in 2 rooms for 3 nights = 6 nights at hotel = 6 room nights. The main guest will accumulate 3 nights, providing he or she is a member, for each room

At Catalonia Hotels & Resorts we use your room nights as a fair and clear indicator of your loyalty. This directly helps raise your membership level ... and the faster you get onto to the next level the more perks and travel cash you get!

What is the difference between booking with Catalonia Hotels & Resorts directly and through a third party?

If you are a Catalonia Rewards member and book directly through our channels (Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website, by phone or directly with the hotel) you enjoy perks during your stay and the travel cash generated by the booking you make. By contrast, members booking through third parties will not enjoy any of the perks of membership, nor will they earn Travel Cash or accumulate nights on their membership.

How do I go up a level in the Catalonia Rewards program?

Going up a level in the programme is posited on the number of room nights you accumulate as a Rewards member from when you sign up or change level, over 12 months. If you build up the number of room nights for the next level within a 12-month period you will automatically go up a level. The minimum number of room nights per level are:

- Great members get 1 to 3 nights a year in our hotels.

- Circle members get 4 to 34 nights a year in our hotels.

- Star members get 35 to 49 nights per year in our hotels.

- Top members get 50 or more nights in our hotels.

For calculation purposes, nights expire 12 months after they accumulate. They are added to your membership after checking out at the hotel, that is, after being enjoyed.

How do I keep my level in the Catalonia Rewards programme?

After reaching a certain membership level in the programme you have 12 months to build up the minimum number of nights you need to keep this level. If in the 12 months following a level promotion you are unable to accumulate enough nights to remain in this level, you will be dropped down a level.


How can I become a Catalonia Rewards member?

It couldn’t be easier. Sign up on our website home page or at the reception desk of a Catalonia Hotels & Resort hotel.

To make it even easier, you can join using the email address of your social network (Facebook, Google) account and make changes to your profile details later.

How do I link my Catalonia Rewards account to my social network accounts?

In the login window, click on the social network (Facebook, Google) icon you wish to use to connect and log in. That’s it.

How can I edit my profile information?

First log into your account and edit your profile information in the “My data and preferences” tab.

I've forgotten my password!

Don't worry! Just click Forgotten your password? on the login tag and we will send a new link to the email address you used to sign up.

Will I lose my account if I change my email address?

Nope. You can change your email address directly on your profile from the “My data and preferences” tab by editing the original data, you can make the email change. After adding the new email, we will send you an email to your new account so you can validate the change; you will keep your nights and Travel Cash, as well as your reservation history. We recommend updating your password, although it is not mandatory.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

Nuh-uh. Not a dime.

Is there a Catalonia Rewards membership card?

We're pretty sure your wallet is already bursting with cards, so everything is done through your profile section on the website or by downloading a virtual card from your mobile (not from a PC). We will send you this card in the welcome email to sign up for Catalonia Rewards. You will always have it available by accessing your personal Rewards area with your mobile phone, where you can find it in the “My data and preferences” tab.

How can I check my membership level?

You can see your membership level in your private area in so long as you are logged in


How do I book a hotel with Catalonia Rewards?

Simple. Click here, search for a hotel and book your accommodation through our secure portal.

How can I change or cancel my booking?

You can change your booking by telling us what you want to change through the online contact form on the website. Our customer service team will contact you within 48 hours. Or phone us. Remember not all changes can be made and additional costs may apply.

You can cancel your booking in the bookings section of the website or via the “Manage your booking” link on the confirmation email we send to your email address. Check the cancellation policy on the hotel webpage before cancelling.

Can I book without having to redeem travel cash?

You sure can! Just flag the "DO NOT USE MY TRAVEL CASH IN THE HOTEL" option when you book. The website will show you the price with the Rewards discount without redeeming the travel cash available in your Rewards account.

Do cancellation fees apply if I cancel my booking?

It depends on the booking cancellation policy. You can see the hotel's cancellation policy at before you book or find it in your booking confirmation after making the booking.

How can I make special requests?

There is a “I want to add a comment” box for special requests which you can use when you make your booking. If you want to make a special request after booking, please use the contact form on our website. Remember requests are not guaranteed and additional costs may apply. We suggest you check the conditions on the hotel page.

How do I redeem my travel cash when I make a booking?

When you arrive at the hotel, you can redeem your travel cash during check-in or at check-out.
You can also call our Customer Service team to ask to redeem your travel cash.

When will the booking be charged?

If you have chosen the payment method “to pay at the hotel”, charges are always settled by the hotel. If your booking is refundable you are charged when you reach the hotel; if it is not refundable the hotel will charge you when you make the booking.

Regardless of the above, bookings of more than 4 rooms may be subject to special conditions and entail additional supplements. Once the booking has been made, the hotel will contact you to arrange payment in advance and the conditions will be non-refundable.

What payment methods can I use to make a booking?

You can make any booking with a debit or credit card. If the person whose name the booking is in differs from that of the card supplied to guarantee the booking, the hotel will contact the card holder to authorise the procedure.

What should I do if I don't find an email from Catalonia Rewards in my inbox?

The email will most likely have gone to another folder. Check the spam and promotions folders on your email server. If you don't find it there, call or email us to let us know.

Where can I see my booking details?

When you have logged in to the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website, go to the Bookings section in your profile, where you will find the details of all your bookings. You will also get a confirmation email for your Rewards booking when you make it which will include all the details.

What happens if I don’t show at the hotel where I've booked?

If you don’t show and the booking is not refundable, you will not be reimbursed the amount you have already paid. If you don't show and the booking is refundable (and was not cancelled before the free cancellation deadline), the amount indicated in the hotel cancellation policy will be charged to your credit card. This information is available while you make your reservation, (before confirming it and providing payment information), as well as in the summary at end of your confirmation email, in the “Booking conditions” section.

Can I bring my kids or pet with me?

You can find the children's policy for each hotel in the individual hotel file on the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website when you make the booking. Alternatively, you can find the details on the booking confirmation email if you have already made the booking. Additional charges may apply.

Each hotel has its own pets policy. You can find it in the hotel file on the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website.

Where can I find the address and phone number of the hotel I have booked?

The address and phone number of all our hotels can be found in the individual hotel files on the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website. This is where you will also find other information, such as the services they offer, booking availability and a description of the hotel.

The information is also available on the booking confirmation email and in the Contact section of the website (

Can I make a booking for another person?

You bet! Just book as you normally do but use the details of the guests you have chosen in the booking process. Remember that the person whose name the booking is in is different to that of the holder of the card supplied to lock in the booking. The hotel will ask the card holder to authorise the procedure.

If your booking is a gift for another person and you would like to settle payment before they arrive, choose the “pay now” option on our website. If you have already confirmed the reservation and have chosen the “pay at the hotel” option, if you wish to advance payment, contact the hotel to supply your payment details and everything will be handled before your guest reaches the hotel.

What are the room check-in and check-out times?

The room check-in and check-out times are found in the hotel file on the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website. If you think you might arrive outside of the specified check-in and check-out times, please notify the hotel, as additional charges may apply.

How can I contact Catalonia Rewards if there is a problem with the hotel?

The best way to contact Catalonia Rewards if you have a problem with your booking is by phoning us. Please use the contact form on our website outside of office hours. Our customer service team will contact you within 48 hours. The hotel will do everything it can to help in the meantime.

How can I get the invoice for my booking?

Invoices are issued by the hotel. Remember to ask for an invoice at reception and supply the tax details you want to appear on it.


What are the perks of being a Catalonia Rewards member?

- Earn up to 6% of each booking in travel cash.

- Enjoy exclusive benefits at the destination when you stay with Catalonia Hotels & Resorts. Click here to see the perks of each level.

- Choose from a great variety of hotels, destinations and prices.

- Get the best online price.

- Exclusive offers and promotions for members only.

- Enjoy premier customer service. Personalise your preferences so the hotel knows them before you arrive for a fully satisfactory experience.

- Si tu reserva es reembolsable, cancela hasta con 24 If your booking is refundable, cancel with up to 24 hours’ notice.

What is travel cash?

Travel cash is a percentage of each booking you recover every time you book with Catalonia Rewards. Earn between 3% and 6% of each booking in travel cash depending on your membership level. Travel cash accumulates in your Catalonia Rewards account and can be instantly redeemed on your next bookings or kept for free nights in our hotels. When you join Catalonia Rewards the currency is EUR, but you can see the accumulated travel cash conversion in USD when you book if you prefer.

How can I use my travel cash?

You can spend your travel cash on bookings you make over the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website or on extras during your stay, but it must always be redeemed while you enjoy a Rewards reservation.

How do I earn travel cash?

Each time you book a Catalonia hotel over you earn between 3% and 6% of your booking in cash, depending on your membership level.

If you book a Catalonia hotel with the hotel directly (at reception, over the hotel website, by phone, etc.), you will also receive travel cash when you check out from the hotel

Travel cash is earned on the total price of the rate you have booked. Additional expenses such as extra beds, extra meals and visitor's tax do not contribute to travel cash.

How and when do I get the travel cash in my account?

The travel cash will be accredited to your Catalonia Rewards account when you leave the hotel and after checking that your booking payment was completed.

When can I see the travel cash I earn with my bookings?

When you log in to the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts website, go to the Travel Cash section in your profile and see your booking details together with the travel cash you have earned on each booking.

How long must I wait before using the travel cash I have earned?

You decide when to spend your travel cash. You can spend it as soon as it is in your account or keep it to travel free on a future booking.

Does my travel cash expire?

It does. And the expiration date can vary depending on the type of travel cash. The travel cash you earn on your bookings lasts for 24 months, giving you enough time to decide how to use it. Additional travel cash, such as promotional vouchers, is normally valid for less time. The expiration date on all your travel cash can be seen in the Travel Cash section of your profile.

Can I transfer my travel cash between Rewards accounts?

Yes, you can transfer the travel cash generated with your bookings to another member, so long as you request it from Customer Service. Remember that only the card holder can lodge the request since we need proof of ownership.

What advantages will I have available when I book my flight + hotel package as a Rewards member?

As a member of Catalonia Rewards, you will not accumulate Travel Cash or be able to redeem it when you have booked the Flight + Hotel package. The nights you spend will not count towards your membership, but you will have access to part of the benefits of the Rewards table.


How can I inform myself about banquet menus?

You can consult the menus for celebracions, and weddings or contact the hotel directly (use the search engine that you will find above, on this page). If you prefer, you can also contact our Customer Service



Can I celebrate my wedding / christening / communion at Catalonia Hotels & Resorts?

Yes, many of our hotels have rooms that are ideal for these events. If you decide to celebrate your wedding in one of our hotels, we will be happy to prepare such an important day with you and you can even get married in our Caribbean resorts.


Do you want to organize an event or a convention?

Our MICE team will help you make your event a success. Get in touch through this email:

How can I find out about banquet menus or request a quote?

You can consult the celebration menus or contact the hotel directly (use the search engine that you will find above, on this page). If you prefer, you can also contact our MICE team:

Information about transfers

Catalonia Hotels and Resorts does not have its own transfer service. However, we recommend the following provider with which you can quote your transport:

Early check-in / Late Check-out information

If you need an early check in or a late check out, request it once you are at the hotel. The possibility of enjoying these services is subject to availability on the same day of arrival or departure, as appropriate.

However, you can always use the lockers at the reception where you can leave your luggage.